"Everything you need to know to integrate pure theory with empirical studies in a language oriented for non-theoretician disease ecologist"

First steps in the theoretical world: how to survive

To understand where we want to get to, we have to understand where we are starting from, and for that, I will briefly tell you my experience.
My name is Martina and I was born in Rome on 4 June 1987. I graduated in Biological Sciences at the University of Roma Tre, in Rome (Italy) with specialization in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management. My master thesis focused on the study of Animal Ecology, specifically on the study of the structure, composition and relationship with some environmental parameters of a breeding bird community of the beech wood of Allumiere (Rome, central Italy). 

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Suggested reading before starting

If, like me, Mathematics was a memory from your university career and you’ve been… mhhh… 10 years without dealing with them, don’t worry, there’s a solution. 
It will cost us more, yes, but we’ll get there!!!!
The problem is a bit bigger, in the sense that Mathematics is the basis of the theoretical training to be able to write a good mathematical model, it is the basis of a good Theorist, indeed:
“Mathematics is a language that is used to describe the world”…ok but, you have to go one step further, you need to learn (or refresh) your Calculus!!!

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